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In Conversation with Keiron Hurley of Les Basics

Everyone loves a species and we do too here at Ape. The fashion industry can discover some of the most motivated and personable characters and we just discovered another here under the name The Basics, a brand launched in 2016 and with an effortless aesthetic that has a true air of style embodied.

Founder Keiron Hurley dabbled in music and clothing for many years,

 but now he has found his calling with this latest offering. At Ape to Gentleman, we're already excited about the AW17 offering and what's to come. Here, Robin Clementson d'Ape addresses the man behind the brand.

So Keiron, do you have a real eclectic mix of experiences leading up to this latest endeavor? Tell us what got you where you are today.

Well, I guess I'm trying to make sure that everything I do to pay the bills is something that interests me and that I enjoy, not in the sense that it is a conscious decision as such or a career that I have built. The more I find it impossible to force myself to do things just to earn a scab, I would rather struggle for 18 months to get something going rather than take a job that I'm not really interested in to gain a few pounds.

Fortunately, most of the things I have done have worked so I was lucky in that regard, plus I am not fit to work so I rarely get job offers and I don't have to, I have no choice. to do my personal item.

I started as a tea schoolboy at Polydor Archives in the A&R department when I was 18 years old; I was playing in bands at the time, I knew I wanted to make music as a career, so I wrote a letter to all the major labels, somehow I got interviews on Polydor and RCA, Polydor gave me a gig.

My original plan was to play, but as I climbed up the greasy polydor pole,

 I started signing and taking care of the bands myself, I realized that maybe it was better to pull the strings than to be on stage. Then from there I got involved with Acid Jazz as a partner in the business and we broke it for a while, the headlines were The Heavies and Jamiroquai, and The Blue Note, of course.

Then I had a joint venture label with Sony called Good Sounds,

I made a great album before the medium went offline ... records that I wanted so I started looking for something else to do and the idea of ​​a clothing brand floated on. my boat. .


RedDot was my first clothing business that did well for a while, then the market and the brand separated to the point where I would have to reinvent the brand to make it relevant again, which I didn't have to. or start something new, so I opted for the latter.

The underwear came next and it was a robbery for a while, then awkwardly, I got very sick, spent a lot of time in the hospital, and then recovered from a major operation. when I came up with The Basics.

When I moved to Les Basics, what was the inspiration behind the product?

My mantra when intelligent about what to do after Under, mainly because I was feeling particularly weak and generally horrible, was to go back to basics and keep it simple, at the time I had no appetite for a complicated energy-consuming business.

So, a simple notion with a clear message: a product focused on design and quality. A simple manufacturing process using the minimum amount of fabrics and silhouettes and beyond that of course something I would love to do and believe in.

Interesting name, it reminded us of La Paz in Portugal, can you explain a little more?

My first idea stayed to call the brand "The Basics", but that sounded a bit, pretty basic I guess. The Basics idea quickly followed and allowed other Frenglish builds like The Sweat Shirt, Fall Winter, etc. to be licensed, so it stuck. For some reason, replacing The with Les gives the brand a certain je ne sais quoi, or so I think, there is something unmistakably chic about the French language and by association just the word Les. It is also a bit playful and unpretentious, it is important not to take yourself too seriously.

So you launched it in 2016 and now you are launching the AW17, how has the course been so far?

So far everything is going well, the business is growing steadily with good retailers and the network.

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