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In Conversation with Christopher Raeburn

Learning the inherently creative mind is a must-see, a fascinating glimpse into how some of the most wonderful characters see their ideas come to life. At Ape to Gentleman, we spoke to one of these men, the famous London designer Christopher Raeburn.  bolts.answerhop

It's been a year since you moved into your REMADE Studio in Hackney. How are you ?

Very good, thank you, it has been an exciting year. The move to REMADE Studio was a real catalyst for the company. The studio is located in a fantastic area of ​​East London with a history of textile and clothing manufacturing.

What prompted the move to this space, which is part of the old Burberry factory if I'm not mistaken?

We named our new studio the REMADE studio because it previously housed the Burberry textile factory where Shackleton's exhibits were located. It was like an incredible opportunity to breathe new life into this space. tc-bolts.dyifo

The REMADE studio is also much more open than our previous studio in Bow, allowing the workshop, archives, showroom and offices to be in one open space. Beyond that, it allows us to host community open houses and workshops as part of our ongoing initiatives to engage with our audience and give something back to the community.

The studio is a colorful center of creative energy and seems to capture the Christopher Raeburn story from the point of view of the day. Was that the goal?

Absolutely. I want the studio to become a creative and community center. It is very important that people become familiar with the brand once they enter the space, which is why the files are displayed on the main wall. It is also a question of transparency.  techqueer

Many fashion designers have a reputation for working behind closed doors. It's important to me to be honest with our audience and to give people the opportunity to enter our world.

You made a name for yourself by revitalizing old military clothing, does this process still seem to be of great importance to the products you create today?

Absolutely. I started using recycled materials from the beginning. I built some original British combat vests from the 1950s as part of my college freshman menswear project in 2001. For me, a lot of this has to do with archeology, going out and finding things. Original objects in warehouses or on the Internet, and turn them into something new.

Could you explain to us in detail the reason for opening the doors of the workshops for your monthly animal workshops?

Our Animal Waste Workshops are a series of monthly workshops in which participants are invited to create their own animal by choosing their own fabric combinations using remnants from the workshop. We started with the bunny for Easter and since then we have done it with the turtle, the owl and the shark.  construction-bolts.tockhop

This series of workshops is part of our broader initiatives to open the REMADE studio, engage our audience creatively, and give something back to the community.

Who helps them? Is it literally for everyone or do you need a little sewing knowledge beforehand?

It was fascinating to see the mix of people present. In addition to designers and young creatives, our regular customers include a 10-year-old girl and a couple of scientists. Basic knowledge of household sewing machines is a must, but we have had inexperienced people who always manage to finish their creation.

Why the obsession with animals?

Ha, good question, when I think about it, maybe it makes a lot of sense; I grew up almost 100 acres of forest (the home of Winnie the Pooh and his friends) and to be honest, if I wasn't in the fashion industry, I always liked the idea of ​​being a wildlife photographer. I think we have an responsibility to take care of our furry (or scaly) friends ...

You obviously have a very creative mind, sometimes you go too fast and end up juggling too much.

It's so easy to move quickly and get lost while juggling various projects. When I was in college, I was advised not to try to do everything at the same time. If you start with a clear message, you can grow from there.

Tell us about parachutes and inflatable lifeboats.

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